ELGIN - Reaching out to inform business owners about recycling options, Comanche Nation Environmental Recycle Technician, Tito Lindsey, spoke at the Tuesday, Jan. 14, Elgin Chamber of Commerce meeting. For one week out of every month, the Comanche Nation recycle trailer is parked near the water tower, waiting to be filled with electronics, aluminum cans, various plastics and cardboard waste. The trailer has been rotated between Walters, Elgin, Lawton, Apache and Fletcher since last summer. Tito said Elgin residents hold the top rank in utilizing the free mobile recycling service. Other Comanche Nation Environmental projects include roadside cleanups, coat drives, earth day events and an upcoming tire drive that will be held throughout the month of February, said Tito. Recyclable items can also be dropped off directly at the Comanche Nation Environmental facility from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Along with the usual recyclable items, the facility will also take scrap metal, appliances, electronic waste, batteries and tires. For more information and directions to the facility, call (580) 492-3754.


In new chamber business, owner of the Cyril Retirement Community, Jim McWhirter, brought brochures to hand out and gave an overview of the new facility services. Opening just over a week ago, Jim said the CRC is an independent living facility for those who may have "reached the point where it's not safe to live alone anymore." Specializing in the senior living industry for over 16 years, Jim says the CRC offers 35 suites to choose from, three "heart-healthy" meals a day, housekeeping and laundry services. The Cyril Retirement Community is located at 4th Street, Cyril. More information can be obtained by contacting (580) 957-4663.


Area business are encouraged to sign up to host a Business Brew on the last Wednesday of every month in 2020. This month's Business Brew will include a meet-and-greet with Senator Chris Kidd, hosted by The Chronicle. The event will be held at 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 29, in the Hilliary Communications office, located at 7602 US Highway 277, Suite A.


Fundraising ideas for the upcoming 2020 Elgin Chamber of Commerce Banquet are being sought. Those with ideas, or anyone with wishing to participate in helping to organize the event, can contact Chamber Office Manager Marlene Howard.


Chamber members welcomed Brielle Capps into the 2020 chamber board secretary position. She was voted into office during the annual chamber officer election in December. 


The next Elgin Chamber of Commerce meeting will be held at noon on Tuesday, Feb. 11, in the Elgin High School library. All meetings are open to the public.