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Chronicle photos by Lisa Carroll

Flames were quickly contained by local firefighters after a spark ignited a grassy field on Monday. Elgin Fire Chief Mike Baker said he took the dispatch call for Cove Acres Volunteer Fire Department on Oct. 7, at 3:05 p.m. on a report of a grass fire. When he arrived at the location on NE Tony Creek Road near ComancheCaddoCountyLineRoad, he said the fire had kicked up tall plumes of black smoke and was threatening two structures. Assistance was requested from Elgin FD, Fletcher VFD and 

Apache VFD to help extinguish the flames. The field’s dry, cut grass was reportedly ignited by a spark from a hay bailer. Firefighters hustled to contain the fire to about a half-acre area, keeping it away from the majority of the round hay bales on the property. Although one round bale did catch fire, Fire Chief Baker said the county road grader arrived to assist by breaking up the bale so it could be safely extinguished.