Jay (Hi Ho) DeSilver Sports Editor
Jay (Hi Ho) DeSilver Sports Editor

Some late congratulations to Hunter Molloy for being selected and playing in the 2019 OCA/OFBCA All-State football game. Hunter and the rest of the All-Staters played at Oklahoma Baptist University on Saturday, July 25.

I had a buddy that went to the game and he said the game was pretty crowded. I guess we will wait a few weeks and see if we have any outbreaks from either the basketball games or football games. I have the feeling that IF an outbreak occurs, we may have seen the last of Fall sports in Oklahoma for the year.

As I have mentioned numerous times, some states have already moved their seasons to the Spring. Major League Baseball has opened their season and run into problems with COVID-19.

The Miami Marlins have been hit hard with the coronavirus, having a total of 18 people of their traveling party test positive. Major League Baseball has already postponed all of the Marlins' games through Sunday after the team's recent outbreak.

The NBA, NFL and NHL are all trying to get their seasons started, as well. The NFL has decided not to play any preseason games this year. Also, the NFL has allowed players to opt out of the season and not play. There has been over 20 players that have already decided not to play football this year.

The team that has been hit the hardest, so far, by the opt-out clause are the New England Patriots. The Patriots have lost six players at this point of the year. I am still hopeful for an entire season of football at all levels.

As always, stay safe and healthy!